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"Marked for death" train passing between houses in Hanoi

Train passing between houses

It's really "Marked for death" when train passing between houses in Hanoi. A train passes down a completely narrow street within the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, forcing residents to retreat into their homes for safety.

Train passes between houses, Hanoi
Photo credit: yeowatzup via / CC BY

Living near a train station is normally taken into consideration a bonus with the aid of commuters, however for a few residents of Hanoi, the general public transport is a bit too close for comfort.

Each day, at 4pm and 7pm, a train makes its way down a street very narrow that it's miles simply inches from the houses on either facet. The train runs so near the houses that citizens have to sincerely live inside the houses at 3.30pm and 7pm each day to live out of the manner of the train. The road is so uncommon that vacationers traveling the metropolis have started to flock there to take photographs and movies of the passing train as well as the road itself.

People sitting on their doorsteps
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The street itself isn't always multiple to the majority of the streets in Hanoi’s vintage quarter – slender, tall homes line the bustling, narrow streets. However, of direction with one most important distinction: an operating railway track fills up the distance in which a street ought to be. It turned into pretty surreal to peer locals sitting on their doorsteps going approximately their normal lives – washing dishes, hanging up laundry, cleaning their motorbikes or even playing with babies. Proper at the train tracks.

People doing daily job on railway track
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It passes so near their front doorways that any objects which can be kept on the road, including bicycles, should be moved to make sure that they do not get hit. Injuries have been recognized to show up inside the beyond, so the road's residents choose to live internal, with their doorways closed, to ensure that they're now not in the direction of risk.

The twice-each day train, linking Vietnam’s capital of Hanoi to ho chi minh inside the far south, passes via a residential location in Hanoi’s old sector, inflicting citizens to carry all their worldly possessions inner every afternoon and night.

Riding bike near railway track
Photo credit: j0055 via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Visitors to Vietnam have been posting pix of the well-known train street to social media, with pix highlighting simply how narrow the road really is. The train is proven to pass via simply mere inches from some the homes on either facet of the tracks.

In which to observe :-

The train street lies on a small street between kham tien and Le duan, the precise lane the train passes along is known as Ngo 224 Le duan. It's miles walk able from the vantage region, and it will take you approximately 35-40 minutes to stroll – however we had been taking walks at pace, and we are also properly adapted to the warmth.


Train timetable :-

There are trains which run along this course each day, one at 3:30pm and one at 7:30pm. You opted to watch the 3:30 train for the daytime and picture taking possibilities. Purpose to be on the train street around 3pm as a way to make sure you're there in masses time and have located a secure spot to look at.

Maeklong railway food market

Hanoi isn’t the handiest vicinity inside the international wherein trains pass right via humans’s the front doorways. The maeklong railway grocery store, in Thailand, is famous for having meals stalls constructed proper on the threshold of a transited train track.