Tuesday, 1 August 2017

World's most dangerous Killar to kishtwar route


From tyari onwards until killar, it's miles non-stop driving on the threshold for 35 kilometers approximately, the street is extraordinarily slender, handiest one vehicle can skip at a time. It's miles steep climb all of the way from tyari to sansari. No tarmac, simplest loose soil, where tyre can spin. There are numerous hair pin bends and maneuvering via those bends might virtually growth your blood strain, all you have to aim is turn the vehicle in a single shot. Few water crossings and it may be very deceptive as you do not know if there may be large stone below the water or massive pothole. If it rains, crossing this segment would grow to be very difficult.

You can't simply allow your eyes of the road, additionally as a driver you can not peep out of window, motive the view down could be dreadful, a thousand+ ft of free-fall into the river. 

From pangi valley's point of view, this avenue is extraordinarily vital due to the fact in deep winters the best access to the alternative part of the world is thru this avenue. The alternative connection to pangi valley is close off completely i.E. Chamba - sach pass - killar, manali - rohtang pass - tandi - udeypur - killar and kaza - kunzumla - batal - chatru - gramphoo - tandi - udeypur - killar. Killar is the headquarters of pangi valley.