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Maldive: The Perfect Holiday Destination 

The country called the Republic of Maldives is an island nation in Asia that consists of 1,192 coral islands that are grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives are perfect tropical holiday destination in Asia, spread out over 90,000 square kilometres, which makes it as the world’s most dispersed countries.
Heart shape Island
Heart shape Island, Maldive
The Maldives came into my consciousness after the tsunami that ravaged many parts of Asia. This is one of the countries that were affected. Looking farther, I realized that the Maldives is a perfect destination for a tropical holiday adventure and the most unique place in the world.

The capital of this country is an island called Male’. Out of the more than a thousand islands, only 200 are inhabited and 99 of them have resorts that are open for tourists. The locals are known to be friendly, so there is no scare in going there.
maldive beach
Scuba diving, Maldive
Now, what should you expect when you go to the Maldives? Foremost of course is scuba diving and swimming in the pristine white sand beaches. Just look at the photo above. The island just looks so fresh, a place where you can relax, meditate, enjoy and just totally ignore the cares of your life, even for just the duration of your holiday. Ahhh…it is the life…

And of course, while there, one should not miss out on meditating or getting a massage from a local spa. The idyllic surroundings would just be the perfect place to commune with God.

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Maldives Weather and Climate

The weather in the Maldives is generally ideal for tourists who want a picture-perfect holiday. They say that the islands almost always has perky mornings, sun-lit days, lovely sunsets, and breezy nights that are perfect for parties.
beautiful beach
Maldive beach
The temperature averages at 30°C and it hardly changes. So you have to bring clothes that are perfect for the warm climate. You may want to include something like a wrap for beach parties at night.

There are two distinct seasons–the dry season and the wet season but they hardly have thunderstorms. The dry season is from January to March while the wet season is from mid-May to November.

Maldives Environment

The islands of Maldives are surrounded and protected by thousands of coral reefs that need to be alive so that this archipelago can continue to exist in the future.
maldive beach
Colourful Coral Reef, Maldive
This is the reason why the government is urging its locals as well as the tourists to enjoy their environment but at the same time, to protect it. It is not just to preserve the beauty of the islands but to preserve the future of this entire nation.

Wow, I would surely love to visit the Maldives with my family. It would be another dream come true.


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